Can I use my Viably cards with Digital Wallets?

In this article we’ll review how you can connect and use your Viably debit card with your digital wallet.

No matter where you are, take advantage of your Viably Business Account and use your Viably debit cards on-the-go.  📲

Add your virtual Viably debit card to your digital wallet so you can easily complete purchases, on-the-go. Today Viably cards can be added to Apple and Google Wallets. Helping you easily make payments, directly from your phone!

Let’s walk through adding your Viably cards to:

How to Add Your Viably Cards

Apple Wallet

Head to your Apple Wallet, and select “Debit or Credit Card” and tap continue.

You’ll then be moved to a screen to scan your card details. If you have a physical Viably debit card you’ll be asked to scan the front and back of your card. If you’re entering a virtual Viably debit card, you can simply scan your card’s details from your Viably Card dashboard.
*Note: if you don't wish to scan your card's details, you can enter them manually.


After you've scanned your card you will be asked to confirm the card’s expiration date and security (3-digit CVV) code. Once entered, the final step requires you verify your card for Apple Pay (either by text message or email) you’ll be set to use your Viably card on Apple Wallet!


Viably debit card successfully activated in Apple Pay.

Google Wallet

Open your Google Wallet and select ‘Add to Wallet.’ Tap ‘New credit or debit card’ to add your Viably debit card!

You’ll then be prompted to scan your Viably debit card with your phone’s camera. To add your virtual card, you’ll simply need to scan your card from your Viably Card dashboard.
*Note: if you don't wish to scan your card's details, you can always enter them manually.

Once added, tap Save. You’ll be notified in Google Wallet that your card was successfully verified and you can then use it where Google Pay is accepted.


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