So you’ve connected an external business bank account to Viably AND you’ve been approved for a Viably business account - you’re really tapping into that all-in-one visibility! Now let’s talk about how you can easily manage and move your business’ money where you need it, when you want it.

From the Viably cash dashboard, you’ll see ‘Move Money’ in the upper righthand corner. Let’s review how the ways you can move money in Viably including:

Find 'Move Money' on Viably's cash dashboard.

Quick note before you get too far – in order to complete some of the ACH transactions, a plaid externally-connected business bank account is required. You can easily do this within the money movement details’ page OR you can head back to your Cash Dashboard to securely connect now!

Options to Source the ACH Transfer

To my account-

This is a great option to help fund your Viably business account! Money will be pulled from one of your Plaid-connected business bank accounts (i.e. your Wells Fargo business account) and sent to your Viably business account.

Move money into your Viably business account from an external business bank account.

If you’d like to move money into your Viably business account from a new external account, you will need to select “Add new funding account” and follow the steps in Plaid to securely connect to that institution.

Fund your Viably business bank account with a Plaid-connected business bank or add a new one.

*Note: if this is the first time you have connected a business bank account through Plaid, you will have the option (if you wish) to add that account to your Viably Cash Dashboard for future visibility across all your business bank accounts!

From my Account-

Using this method, your Viably business account will source the funds. You can push money from your Viably business account to an external business bank account.

Move money or initiate an ACH transfer between your Viably business account and an external bank account.

If you’ve already connected business bank accounts through Plaid into Viably, they will be displayed in the ‘Who are you paying?’ dropdown.

Specify who you are sending money to, from your Viably business account.

If you are making a payment to a new account, you can select ‘Pay someone new’ and follow the steps through Plaid to securely link that receiving institution.

Push money from your Viably account to a Plaid-connected business bank accounts.

Send a payment-

This money movement option gives you the control to initiate an ACH payment from your Viably business account to a specific payee. You can select the recipient from your pre-existing list and then follow the steps to submit the payment.

To pay someone new with your Viably business account, enter in their Bank ACH details.

If you’re issuing a payment to a new payee or vendor, adding them is simple. From the “Who are you paying?” dropdown, select “Pay someone new.”

When moving money as a payment, you can select the payee or vendor of your choice in the

Have their bank details at the ready (this includes account type, routing and accounting numbers) for a quick-add!

If you need to add a new payee or vendor, select 'Pay someone new' and you'll then be prompted to enter in their bank's ACH details.

Send a physical check-

Issue a physical check from your Viably business account! With this option you will be prompted to include the following, which will show as a preview for the issued check:

  • Who the check is being issued to - either selecting from an existing list of payees or adding a new user’s details

  • The amount to be paid

  • A memo (optional) to be shown in the memo line

  • A message (optional) that is included in the paystub sent with the issued check

*Note: Slightly different from the other money movement options, the summary screen captured here is a review and preview of the check you’re issuing.

Moving Money

Once you have selected the source for the ACH transfer and entered the required information, you then have the opportunity to review a summary of the planned transaction. This summary captures:

  • Where the transfer is originating

  • The amount of money being transferred

  • Where the transfer is being sent

To complete the ACH trasnfer in Viably, you'll be provided a summary screen to review the details of your transaction.

It’s important you review this summary, as once it has been initiated it can not be canceled. You will receive email notifications to provide status updates of the transactions and when the funds are available.

That’s it! With just a few clicks you’re able to seamlessly fund your account or make payments…from one place.

Save yourself time and banking fees by applying for a free Viably business account, today!

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