As you get settled into Viably, invite other members of your business (be it one of your partners or employees) into your account! Adding team members can improve how you manage your business’ money and cards, enabling you to always know what you’re spending (or saving!).

The following article highlights:
-Growing your team - from adding users to how an individual can accept their Viably invite.
-Managing your team - the roles you can assign your members in Viably.

Growing Your Viably Team

Add Users to Viably

It’s easy to add your company’s users to your Viably account. These users can either be added as an individual or they can be grouped together as a team. Let’s review how to invite a new member to your Viably account.

From the Teams dashboard, click Invite Member.

Enter the user’s details on the ‘Invite Member’ page. From here you’ll also be able to assign the user to a team (only if you’ve already defined teams in Viably) and select their role. The role you select will determine their access across Viably (like being able to manage Plaid-connected banks, view banking and accounting information, or access to Viably debit cards).

As you’re inviting a new user to your Viably account, save yourself a little time and easily issue them a Viably debit card! When you’re finished, send the user their invite.

You can keep an eye on the users’ status from the Teams dashboard, in the ‘Invitations’ tab. Additionally you’ll have the option to either resend or revoke their invite.

Note: the invited team member has 5 days to accept the invitation before it expires. Before it is accepted or expired the user’s status will show as “Pending.”

Accepting Your Viably Invitation

Your newly invited team member will receive an email to finish their registration. When they click their unique registration link, they’ll be asked to create a password and provide additional information to verify their identity.

As your team member provides the requested personal info to complete Viably’s user onboarding process, they will also be prompted to complete Viably’s two-factor verification to secure their account.

When the new member has completed their onboarding they’ll then be able to view and perform actions in Viably based on their defined role.

Managing Your Team in Viably

Assigning Roles in Viably

You’ve got enough on your plate, don’t overcomplicate managing user permissions! Within Viably when you add (or if you need to update) a team member’s profile, you’ll need to assign them a role. It’s worth mentioning users can only be assigned one role at a time and Viably’s roles can not be customized.

-Admin - This role will allow the user to view and manage all the information in Viably (ie view all Plaid-connected bank accounts or connect to additional external banks, manage users and cards). This is a great role for business owners!

-Card Holder - This role is strictly for a team member who has been issued a Viably debit card. The user can see the status of their card or quickly retrieve their virtual card details, ongoing card transactions, and can dispute any questionable transactions. This is a terrific option for users who are responsible for purchasing supplies or groceries for their office or for a manager who oversees several monthly recurring subscriptions - give them controlled access to money, when and where they need it!

*Note: the Card Holder role is only available if your business has been approved for a Viably Business Account.

-View Only - This role is more limited than an all-powerful admin. These users can only see the info within Viably but can not take action or make changes within the various dashboards (Cash, Income, Cards, Members). Consider assigning this role to your accountant or bookkeeper so they can easily see all the information needed for monthly reviews or everyone’s favorite tax season.

Creating Teams in Viably

One, two…ten users! As you find opportunities to manage your business’ money and scale spend, you can also improve how you’re managing users in Viably by creating Teams. Depending on your company’s size, your teams could represent different departments (like Marketing vs People) or groupings of roles in Viably (consider a team of Admins vs Virtual Cardholders).

From the Teams dashboard within Viably select “Create Team.”

You’ll then be presented the option to create and name a new team in Viably.

Once created, you can add existing users to the team from their profile card

When adding a new user, you can also automatically assign them to a team

Simplify user and team management with just a few clicks from Viably’s all-in-one app.

Regain control of your money and find more time to run your business – apply for a Viably Business Account, today!

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