To view tailored insights into your cash flow, connect your business bank accounts to Viably!

Below we'll walk through:

Connecting your Business Bank Accounts

With the help of Plaid, the technology trusted by leading financial institutions, you can securely and confidently see how your cash is working for you in Viably.

1. In the Plaid wizard, select your bank and enter your username and password (make sure you have these details at the ready!).
2. Choose the specific business bank account(s) you want to plug into your Viably Cash dashboard.
3. You're good to go!

Once connected, you can instantly view trends in your spend, explore automated financial insights, and see how your money is working for your business. If you apply and are approved for a Viably Business Account, you can easily use your Plaid-connected business bank accounts to fund or make payments to your new Viably account!

Instantly view cash flow trends in Viably once you've connected your business bank accounts.

Updating Your Connected Business Accounts

Adding More Business Bank Accounts

Need to connect more business bank accounts to Viably? Easy! From the Viably Cash dashboard you'll find the option to "Edit accounts."

View and manage connected business bank accounts from your Viably Cash dashboard.

Within the "Edit Accounts" view, click "Add new bank."

Securely add a new business bank account to Viably through Plaid.

This will open the Plaid popup to establish the secure connection - the same process as when you connected your first business bank account!

Disabling or Removing Business Bank Accounts

Perhaps you've moved banks or are no longer using one you'd previously connected to Viably. It only takes a few clicks to disable or remove that account from your view in Viably.

  • Disable an Account: to temporarily disable and exclude an existing business bank account from your Cash dashboard, click "Edit accounts" and within that view change the state to "Disabled."

    Easily edit the business bank accounts you have in Viably.

  • Disconnect an Account: to disconnect a business bank account from Viably, click "Add/remove accounts."

    Quickly add new or remove existing bank accounts to Viably, with just a few clicks.

    This will then begin the disconnect process through Plaid. Once you've selected and authenticated into your bank of choice, you'll then be able to remove the connection from your business bank account to Viably. Your data will no longer populate in the Viably Cash dashboard from the disconnected account.

    Interested in opening a free Viably Business Account to help manage your business' spend? Apply for an account, today!

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