So you’re ready to open a free Business Account with Viably? Great! The application is online, and shouldn’t take long to complete.

Before you jump in, there are a few pieces of documentation you’ll be required to supply, both to verify who you are as an individual and your business. We’ve laid out the process and included some of the documents you may need to provide.

Applying for a Viably Business Account

Start by connecting an existing business bank account to Viably. This helps you instantly see trends and tailored insights into your cash flow, so you can better understand where your business’ finances stand from one place!

After you’ve connected a business bank account, you’ll then see the option to “Apply for a Viably Account.” Clicking this will kickoff your Viably Business Account application.

You’ll first be asked to provide information about yourself. This ranges from:

  • Your personal details (Name, Contact info, Social Security Number)

  • How much of the business you own (or if you aren’t an owner, if you are are company controller overseeing accounting and financial decisions for the organization)

  • Your personal address

Then you’ll need to supply some information about the business, including:

  • The legal business name and structure, date of incorporation, employer identification number (EIN)

  • The business address

Once you’ve reviewed and submitted your application, Viably will try to quickly approve you for a Viably Business account. During the application process, we will communicate updates about your status through Viably's app and via email. If we need additional documentation to verify your business, we'll contact you.

Once approved, you’ll receive access to your new Viably Business Account along with a virtual AND physical Viably debit card, so you can begin unlocking total visibility and control to scale your business.

With all your business banking details connected in Viably, why not connect more tools for greater visibility? Connect your income and accounting tools to do more with Viably’s all-in-one app!

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