Need to wire funds from one of your bank accounts to Viably? No problem!

Depending on the bank you’re wiring the money from, you can initiate this transfer either at one of their branch locations or through your online bank account.

To initiate a wire transfer within the U.S. there are a few pieces of information your bank will need regarding your Viably Business Account. It’s important to note that Piermont Bank is Viably’s banking partner, so the below details should be supplied when filling out the wire transfer into your Viably account:

  • ABA Routing Transit Number: 026015053

  • Bank Name: Piermont Bank

  • Bank Address: 4 Bryant Park, 3rd Floor City & State: New York, NY 10018

  • Beneficiary Name & Address: The name and address of your business (enter this just as you did during your Viably Business Account process!)

  • Beneficiary Account Number: Enter your Viably account number. This information is located on your Viably Cash dashboard, within the account carousel.

    View your Viably account details from your Viably Cash dashboard.

    Find your Viably account number.

Be sure to review your wire transfer form carefully, to ensure the money gets to your Viably account. With the above details, you should be set! You can also learn about the other ways to easily fund your Viably account, here.

Interested in applying for a free Viably Business Account so you can have all-in-one access to your business finances? Apply today!

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