Viably’s Sales dashboard enables business owners to simplify their view into their invoices, customers’ payment history and more…right alongside their business banking data. With the help of Codat, the technology trusted by leading financial institutions, you can easily and securely connect your accounting software to Viably.

In this article we’ll review:

Connecting Your Accounting Software to Viably

In Viably's Sales dashboard, select "Connect my accounts."

Connect your accounting software to Viably for visibility into your income.

Once in the Codat wizard, select the accounting software you're interested in connecting to Viably.

Select your accounting platform to connect to Viably.

Upon selection you’ll then be shown what data you will authorize to flow into Viably.

Confirm your connection to your accounting software and see the data that will flow into Viably.

Once selected, click “Next.” You’ll be redirected to your accounting software to sign-in and authenticate the connection, for a read-only view of your data into Viably.

You’re set! Once the connection has been successfully completed, you’ll see the validated connection in Viably.

You've successfully connected your accounting software to Viably!

Click “Finish” to see your data in Viably’s Sales dashboard.

Viably's Income Dashboard offers full visibility into your accounting data.

Once connected, you can instantly view trends, insights, and payment predictions based on your customers’ activities. Additionally, you can easily send reminder notices to customers with just a few clicks and find automated insights on ways to optimize your collections process.

Send collections reminders from Viably with just a few clicks.

With this elevated visibility in Viably, you can proactively prioritize your collections efforts and manage your outreach activities, from the same place as your connected business banking data – giving you transparency and the ability to forecast how these payment activities will impact your cash flow.

Updating Your Connected Accounting Platforms

Have you changed the accounting software you’re using to track invoices and payments? No problem! From Viably’s Sales dashboard, you’ll see the option to “Edit Accounts.”

Edit your connected accounting software to Viably.

Clicking this will direct you to the Codat wizard, enabling you to select your new accounting software. Simply select “Make changes to your connection.”

Easily make changes to the accounting software you've connected to Viably.

You'll see a pop-up indicating you have already connected to an accounting platform (don't worry!), simply confirm you'd like to continue.

Notification of changing your connected accounting software to Viably.

Select your new accounting software, and follow the steps to authenticate so you can view the data from your Viably Sales dashboard.

From your Viably Sales dashboard, discover opportunities to streamline your collections efforts, so you can have a tighter line on your income projections and ultimately, so you can get paid faster.

Want even greater visibility into your business finances Viably? Connect your Business Bank Accounts or apply for a free Viably Business Account, today!

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