Eliminate surprises and guesswork when it comes to your business’ money. Stop combing through spreadsheets or statements from your business bank account to see every dollar moving in and out of your business.

Embrace total financial visibility by connecting your business bank account to Viably, for automated insights and so you can always know where your business stands.

This article covers the various features of Viably's Cash dashboard. You can see additional details highlighted in Viably's in-app tour!

Cash Dashboard Features

Once you’ve connected a bank account to Viably, through Plaid, you will instantly see:

Cash flow trends - visualize trends in your business’ spend and see, month-to-month, how your cash is working for you now, along with projections for your cash flow in the future.

Viably's Cash Dashboard visually shows you trends in your cash flow.

Insights on your cash- find automated tailored insights about your cash flow based on YOUR data. Highlighting trends or identifying opportunities to save or scale your business moving forward!

Viably's Cash insights.

Business transactions broken down by categories - get visibility on how you’re spending and what you’re spending your money on. Get a visual breakdown of your deposits and withdrawals, and drill down to the specific transactions by category.

See recent transactions and their category in Viably's Cash Dashboard.

Looking for a simplified view into your business' finances? Get started by connecting your business' bank account!

Ready to level up your business' financial management with a fee-free business account? Apply for a Viably Business Account, today!

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