How can I manage and use my Viably debit cards?

Learn how you can manage your virtual Viably debit cards and where your card will be accepted.

In an earlier article we walked through the basics of setting up your Viably debit cards - here we'll review:

Using Your Viably Debit Cards

Viably Debit Card Statuses

With more debit cards, comes more responsibility! Maybe an employee accidentally misplaced their card, perhaps you feel a card has been compromised and you need a new one, or maybe you just need to temporarily lock a card.

Easily manage the status of your debit card within Viably. While in your Cards dashboard, select a specific card. Click the three dots on the card and you’ll find the options to change the status of the card.

Manage the status of a Viably debit card with a few clicks.

The different Viably card statuses include:

Lock Suspend Cancel Cancel and reissue
  • Cardholders can temporarily disable their own cards.
  • Only the card holder (not an admin user) can lock or unlock their individual card.
  • Admins can suspend cards and the cardholder will be notified.
  • Only an admin can unsuspend the card.
  • Applying this status will terminate the card.
  • Once cancelled, the card will no longer work.
  • This cancels the existing Viably card and then issue a new Viably card, with the same spending limits.

Where can you use your Viably debit card?

Whether you’re using your Viably debit card for a subscription service for your business, to cover advertising costs, or you’re treating your employees to an office lunch, there is no additional cost for using your Viably issued cards.

Once issued, you can begin using your Viably debit card for your business expenses! All transactions and withdrawals will be tracked and can be easily reviewed within your Viably Cards dashboard.

Your Viably debit cards will have the Mastercard logo, and will be accepted by any business or merchant that accepts Mastercard.

🚨Note: when using your Viably debit cards for online payments, if you are asked to provide a zip code, enter the zip code you provided during your individual enrollment/Viably user onboarding (i.e. your residential zip).

Viably debit cards are Mastercards, and can be used by merchants who accept Mastercard.

Need to withdrawal cash from an ATM with your Viably debit card? No problem! Viably has partnered with the Allpoints network to offer easy-to-access ATM across the US. When you withdraw cash from an Allpoints ATM, the fees are waived for Viably business account holders. If you’re looking for a nearby Allpoints ATM, use their ATM locator!

Manage your users and their spending limits on Viably issued debit cards with ease. Your Viably debit cards, your money, your control... from one app! 💳


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