How can I manage my connected bank accounts to Viably?

The article covers how you can manage the external business bank accounts you've connected to Viably.

Earlier in your funding application with Viably, you were asked to connect your existing business bank accounts so we could create custom funding offers to help you grow. Beyond those custom funding offers, connecting your ecommerce business' bank accounts gives you one central view to see your business' cash flow at a glance! 

Below we'll walk through:

How to update your existing business bank account connections in Viably

Updating Your Connected Bank Accounts

Adding More Bank Accounts

After you've been funding and are using Viably's tools, eed to connect more business bank accounts to Viably? Easy! From the Viably Cash dashboard you'll find the option to "Edit accounts."

This will take you to your Automation menu. Within Automations you can add a new bank, following the same secure flow with Plaid, or you can add a new bank manually by entering in your bank details. 
Securely add a new bank account to Viably.

Once added this will display in your list of connected Financial accounts within your Automation menu as well as on your Cash dashboard.

Disabling or Removing Business Bank Accounts

Perhaps you've moved banks or are no longer using one you'd previously connected to Viably. It only takes a few clicks to disable or remove that account from your view in Viably.

  • Disable an Account: to temporarily disable and exclude an existing business bank account from your Cash dashboard, click "Edit accounts" and within that view change the state to "Disabled."

  • Delete an Account: to completely delete a connected bank account from Viably, click "Delete bank."

    This will then begin the disconnection process through Plaid. Once you've selected and authenticated into your bank of choice, you'll then be able to remove the connection from your business bank account to Viably. Your data will no longer populate in the Viably Cash dashboard from the disconnected account.


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