What security steps should I take to make the most of my Viably account?

This article covers securely signing into Viably and whitelisting emails, so you never miss an update!

Stay secure and make the most of your Viably account with few simple steps.

In this article we'll cover: 

Signing up and Signing in to Viably

When you signup for Viably, you are asked to provide your email and create a password. 

Signup with Viably via Google or with a username and password.

Or when signing up, you can click "Signup with Google." Selecting this method you will not have a password and it will be a seamless single sign-on experience (we love not having to remember another password!). 

Through the funding application process and when you open a Viably Business Account, we ask that you take an additional step to secure your account with two factor authentication.

Two factor authentication methods to help keep your Viably account secure.
This will require you to provide a second method to prove your identity when logging in, to help keep your ecommerce business' financial data secure!

Whitelisting Viably Emails

Viably sends emails as our primary form of communication. To ensure you receive the latest updates about the product or to receive notifications about any activities in your account, whitelist Viably. 

Whitelisting Viably ensures 
you successfully receive email communication from Viably...so it doesn't go to spam! Please whitelist the following within your email application:

  • hello@runviably.com 
  • support@runviably.com 

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- Automation of your back-office tasks

- Sales planning tool to forecast cash flow needs

- Integrations with your other ecommerce tools

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