How do I connect my Amazon Seller account to Viably?

The article reviews the benefits of connecting your Amazon Seller account to Viably, and how to authorize the connection.

To get the funding you need to grow your Amazon store and to help uncover financial trends in your shop’s performance, connect your Amazon Seller account to Viably. 

Below we'll discuss:

Why do I need to connect my Amazon Seller Central account?

Viably is the banking platform for ecommerce, designed to help sellers like you get the funding and financial insights you need to grow!

If you're an Amazon seller applying for funding with Viably, we ask you to connect your Amazon Seller Central account. By securely connecting your U.S. based Amazon marketplace, our underwriting team can understand the full picture of your business’ performance. With access to your Amazon shop’s real-time data along with your real-time banking data, our team can create funding offers and help you unlock access to Viably’s banking products.

What does connecting my Amazon Seller account to Viably mean? 

The connection between Amazon and Viably occurs on the back end via API calls. This means we do not have a user in your Seller Central account nor do we have access to any data other than the reports the API sends back from your Seller Central account back to Viably.

You can always see and manage your connection to Viably and all other apps that connect to your Seller Central account. On the left-hand navigation panel of your Seller account, head to "Apps and Services" and select "Manage your Apps." 

Manage your Amazon Seller connection to Viably.

How do I securely connect my Amazon Seller account to Viably? 

After you provide details regarding your growth goals and business in your Viably Funding Application, you’ll be prompted to authorize and connect your Amazon Seller account to Viably. 

  1. In Viably’s connection wizard, click “Connect to Amazon.” Once clicked this will have you enter your Amazon Seller credentials. 

    Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central to authorize Viably as a connection.
  2. You’ll then be asked to securely authorize Viably to view data related to your Amazon Seller Account.
     Review the data Viably requests to access from Amazon Seller Central and then securely confirm authorization.
    This is the real-time data our underwriting team incorporates into their review. The data Viably requests authorization to view includes: 
      1. Selling Partner Insights: Review of Seller Partner account and account performance.
      2. Amazon Fulfillment: View of performance and history of shipping to Amazon and Amazon FBA.
      3. Pricing: A review of list prices and automated product pricing.
      4. Finance and Accounting: Produces account and financial statements.
      5. Product Listing : Insights of product listings / content.
      6. Inventory and Order Tracking: Analyze and manage inventory.
      7. Buyer Solicitation: Feedback from buyers
      8. Buyer Communication: Manage messages to and from buyers.
  3. Click “I direct Amazon to provide Viably access to my Selling Partner account and related data. I am responsible for any actions taken by the application.” Once checked, navigate to the bottom and select “Sign up / Login to Viably.” This will return you to the funding application. 

    Final step to authorize Viably's access to your Amazon Seller account.
  4. You’re set! Now our underwriting team has access to your Amazon shop’s health and performance, to help craft the best funding offer aligned to your business needs. 

You're connected! Viably will begin working on your tailored funding.


Grow your business and get the capital to reach your ecommerce goals. 

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