How do I connect my payout account and bank accounts to Viably?

The article covers how to connect your marketplace's payout account and existing business bank accounts to Viably.

When applying for funding with Viably, we ask that you connect your marketplace's payout account and existing business bank/credit account(s). Doing so gives our team full picture of your business' health and cash flow, helping us create custom funding offers to help grow your business!

How exactly can you do this securely? Below we'll review the steps to connect your business bank account and address any questions that may arise while doing so. 

Below we'll walk through:

Connecting your Business Bank Accounts

In your funding application, Viably requires you connect your marketplace's payout account. This helps Viably see the full health of your ecommerce business and so we can customize your funding offer! With the help of Plaid (trusted by leading financial institutions!) you can securely connect your business accounts in just a few clicks.

  1. In the Plaid wizard, select your bank and enter your username and password (make sure you have these details at the ready!).Open the Plaid wizard to connect your bank to Viably.
  2. Select the bank account that receives your ecommerce payouts, along with any bank or credit account(s) that help show the health of your business. 

    Select your business bank provider, to securely connect your data to Viably.
    You'll be directed to an external window for your financial institution. Enter your credentials and securely authorize connection to Viably! 

  3. You're good to go! 👍

Commonly Asked Questions When Connecting Your Bank(s)

There are some questions that arise when connecting your external bank and credit accounts to Viably. We've outlined a few of those below! For other FAQs about Viably and the process, you can learn more here.
  • Your data is securely connected through Plaid, and will give Viably read-only access 
  • If you're having trouble connecting your bank account to Viably it may be due to the fact that:
    • The bank you are connecting, isn't yet supported on Plaid (they integrate with over 12,000 financial institutions and continue to grow!). Here is a list of the financial institutions supported by Plaid.
    • The bank you are connecting may be supported on Plaid, but their integration may be incompatible or provide limited access 
    • In some cases, your account security settings (the personal settings you've applied to your bank account, particularly the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with a one-time passcode) may be incompatible with Plaid
      • 👆IF you run into any of the above mentioned issues, please be sure to contact your Viably Account Manager or Viably Support. We'll be happy to assist you through the process! 

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