How do I connect my Shopify store to Viably?

This article reviews the benefits of connecting your Shopify store to Viably, and how to authorize the connection.

Get the funding you need to grow your Shopify store, uncover financial trends in your store's performance, and start creating growth plans for your next inventory purchase or product launch with Viably! But first, you'll need to connect your Shopify store to Viably.

In this article we'll walk through: 

Why do I need to connect my Shopify store to Viably? 

Viably is the digital banking platform for ecommerce, designed to help sellers like you get the funding and financial insights you need to grow!

When applying for funding with Viably, we ask you to connect to the primary platform you sell on, like Shopify. By securely connecting your Shopify store, our underwriting team can understand the full picture of your business’ performance. With access to your Shopify store's real-time data along with your real-time banking data, our team can create custom funding offers to help grow your business!

How do I securely connect my Shopify store to Viably?

After you provide details regarding your business in Viably’s Funding Application, you’ll be asked to connect your ecommerce stores.
  1. Select "Connect my Shopify" from the available options. 

    Connect your Shopify store from Viably's Funding application.
  2. You’ll then be prompted to enter your store name.
    *Enter as the store name appears in your Shopify console (with dashes included), for example: My-amazing-test-store

    Enter your Shopify store name to connect Shopify to Viably.
  3. Once you’ve entered your Shopify store name you’ll be directed into Shopify’s platform to install Viably. This will create a read-only connection to Viably (we will not have user in your Shopify platform, nor do we have access to any data other than the reports the API sends back from your Shopify account to Viably).

    ⭐ During this experience the app shown to connect to is named LINK, this is Viably’s application for one-click Auth to Shopify!

    Securely connect your Shopify store to Viably.
  4. Once you’ve clicked “Install app” you’ll be alerted that the connection was successful. 🎉
    You will then be redirected to your Viably Funding application! 

    Now our underwriting team has access to your Amazon shop’s health and performance, to help craft the best funding offer aligned to your business needs. 


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