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How do I find my account and routing numbers on my Viably Account?

This article highlights where you can find your Viably Business Account details.

Now that you've been approved and have a new Viably Business Account, if you're looking to fund your account or you're making Viably your online marketplace's payout account, you'll need to have the accounting and routing numbers for your Viably account at the ready.

Not sure where to find that information? There are a few places including:
-From your Viably Cash dashboard
-From your profile card

Let's dive in!

Accessing Your Viably Account Details - Cash Dashboard

Navigate to your Viably Cash dashboard. From the Dashboard you'll see your Viably Business Account in the accounts carousel.

View your Viably Account from the Cash Dashboard.


In the upper righthand corner of your Viably account, you'll see three dots. This will then present you with the option to "View account details."


Click the three dots to view your Viably account details.


Once you've clicked "View account details" your account number, routing number, and the current/available balance within your Viably account will be shown. From here you can easily copy your account or routing number as you need!

View your Viably accounting and routing number, along with the available balance.

Easily find your Viably account information, available balance, and view trends in your spend from one place!

Accessing Your Viably Account Details  - Profile Card

The other place you can quickly find your Viably account information, is right from your profile card! Regardless of the page you're on within Viably's platform, your profile card (containing your initials) can be seen at the upper right-hand corner of every page. 

Viably profile card can be found on every page of your Viably app.
Click your initials and you'll be presented a menu. Within this menu, click "Viably account details."

Get your Viably account details from your Viably profile card.

Once you open your Viably account details, you can easily grab your Viably account and routing numbers. You can also download a copy of your Bank Verification Letter from this screen, if it's needed.

Easily get your Viably account details or download a bank verification letter.


Get the capital to grow your business - get funded with Viably, today!