How do I reconnect my Shopify store to Viably?

This article reviews how you can easily reconnect your Shopify store to Viably.

Have you disconnected your Shopify store from Viably? Not a problem! Let’s review the steps to link your Shopify store to Viably, so you can see insights about your store's performance from Viably Growth and so you can get access to more funding opportunities! 

Reconnecting Shopify to Viably

  1. Once you've logged in to your Viably account, you'll find a banner at the top alerting you of your disconnected Amazon account.

    In Viably you will see a notice of your Shopify account's disconnection.
  2. Click "Reconnect" from the banner. This will then direct you to Shopify to authenticate your Shopify store to Viably.

    ✳️Reminder: Connecting your Shopify store to Viably, creates a read-only connection. 

  3. This will prompt you to provide your store URL.
    *REMEMBER: Enter as the store name appears in your Shopify console (with dashes included), for example: My-amazing-test-store

    Enter your Shopify store name to reconnect Shopify to Viably.
  4. You’ll then be directed into Shopify’s platform to install Viably. This will create a read-only connection to Viably (we will not have user in your Shopify platform, nor do we have access to any data other than the reports the API sends back from your Shopify account to Viably).

    ⭐ Reminder: during this experience the app shown to connect to is named LINK, this is Viably’s application for one-click Auth to Shopify!

    Securely reconnect your Shopify store to Viably.
  5. Once you’ve clicked “Install app” you’ll be alerted that the connection was successful. You will have officially reconnected your Shopify store to Viably!  

    Having this connection will enable you to request additional funding and view insights in Viably Growth tied to your Shopify store’s performance. With this connection, easily build plans for the future in Viably Growth, to help you stay on track as you need to restock your inventory or plan product launches. 

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