How do I secure my Viably Business Account?

The following article reviews the steps needed to authenticate your Viably Business Account.

So you’ve secured funding with Viably and have been approved for a new Viably Business Account. We’re excited to partner with you as your ecommerce business grows!

To use your Viably Business Account (i.e. move money, access your virtual debit cards) you must secure your account with two-factor authentication. Viably has implemented this additional layer of security, to keep you and your account safe. Securing your account can be done in just a few clicks!

Below, we’ve outlined the steps you can take to easily secure your account:

1. From your Viably Cash Dashboard or from your Viably Cards Dashboard, click “Secure your account.”
From your Viably Cash Dashboard, easily secure your account.
From your Viably Cards Dashboard, secure your account in a few clicks.

2. You’ll be presented with 3 different options to secure your account. Select one (note, should you wish to change how you are securing your account, you will be given the option to do so during this process): 
-Secure your account by text
-Secure your account by email
-Secure your account by an authenticator app

Select the two-factory authentication method you prefer to secure your Viably Account.

3. Based on the method you selected, you’ll be guided through the steps needed to complete and successfully secure your account.

-Text Message: To secure your account via text, you'll need to provide your phone number where you'll receive a verification code. When you are supplied the verification code, you'll then be prompted to enter the 6-digit code to access Viably.

You can secure your Viably account using 2FA via text.

-Email. To secure your account via email, you'll need to provide the email address where you'll receive the verification code. After you've been sent the 6-digit code you'll be prompted to enter those 6-digits to sign-in to Viably.
You can secure your Viably account using 2FA via email.

-Authenticator App: To secure your account via an authenticator app, you'll need to download your authenticator app of choice and scan the unique QR code you've been provided in Viably. Your authenticator app will then provide you a unique code to verify your account.

You can secure your Viably account using 2FA via an authenticator app.

4. Once you have successfully completed this, you can access the funds in your Viably Business Account and begin moving money to keep growing your store!

Note that after you've selected one of these methods of two-factor authentication, that when you login to Viably in the future, you will be asked to verify your account through your selected security method - keeping you and your account secure.