How do I switch my deposit method to my Viably account in Amazon Seller Central?

This article reviews how to contact Amazon Seller Support to make Viably your payout account.

When switching your deposit method on Amazon Seller Central, there are several steps you will need to take to reduce the risk of Amazon identifying this change as unauthorized activity. We highly recommend making this change at least 3 days (as Amazon's review of your new deposit account may take up to three days) before your next scheduled payment date with Viably. Amazon has very stringent rules around changing your deposit method, to help mitigate risk or fraudulent attempts on your account, so we encourage you to follow the below steps to reduce any flags by Amazon. 

During the process of changing your deposit method on Amazon Seller Central, you can request a call from Amazon Support for additional assistance. Check "Urgent" to receive a call within 30minutes from Amazon Support. 

We recommend that you contact and inform Amazon’s client service before switching your bank account to your Viably Business Account as this can help reduce the risk of Amazon identifying the activity as unauthorized. 

In this article we: 
-Review the steps to get help from Amazon Seller Support to change your payout account

-Providing the appropriate documentation to Amazon to align with the INFORM Consumers Act 

How to get help from Amazon Seller Support

Let's walk through the steps of getting assistance from Amazon Seller's Support to make this change: 

STEP 1: 

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account. Once in your dashboard, navigate to the upper right-hand corner and click "Help" in the toolbar. 

Click help in Amazon Seller Central to change your deposit method to Viably.

STEP 2: 

You'll then be moved into a "Help" page. Scroll to the bottom, and under "Need more help?" select "Get Support." 

Get support to help change your deposit method to Viably in Amazon Seller Central.

STEP 3: 

Once clicked, you'll be served two options about the service you need assistance with. Click "Selling on Amazon." 

Get help changing your deposit method to Viably.

STEP 4: 

Then you will be promoted to provide the details about your inquiry. On this screen, scroll to and select "Or, browse for your issue in the menu.

Browse from Amazon's menu to change to your deposit method to Viably.

STEP 5: 

You will then be provided a new menu of options to choose from. Select "Your account."  

Select your account in Amazon Seller Central to add Viably as a new deposit method.

STEP 6: 

Within the "Your account" options, select “Other account issues.” 

Choose other account issues to help make Viably your deposit method in Amazon Seller Central.

STEP 7: 

Once selected, you'll have a space to describe your issue. Enter "Please call" into this description box. Beneath the description you will also have a "Contact Method" - be sure to enter your phone to receive a call AND check the box "This issue is urgent and requires immediate attention".

Describe your issue and note it is urgent to make Viably your primary deposit method on Amazon Seller Central.

We recommend keeping the description of your issue brief (ie "Please call") to help prompt more immediate contact with an Amazon Seller Support specialist. 

When the Amazon Support specialist contacts you, ask them to RESET your current deposit method for your Amazon “CA, UK, EU, US, etc." marketplace. They will ask you several security questions and reset your deposit method. 

**DO NOT ask them to replace your method or add an account, as they are unable to do that. Once reset, you can then add your Viably account information, without fears of an Amazon flag.

Where can I find the documents needed to verify my Viably account?

Changing your Amazon payout method to Viably you will be asked to provide documentation authenticating your Viably Business account (in accordance with their policies, specific to the INFORM Consumers Act). Acceptable documentation should include the name of the account holder, account number, date the account was issued, and official bank information. 

We've outlined the documentation to be prepared to share including: 
-Bank Statements
-Bank Letter (Verification Letter) 

Bank Statements

To get a copy of your Viably Bank Statement click the "Settings" gear in the bottom of your Viably navigation bar. Within Settings you will see "Documents." Click into Documents and you'll be presented the bank statements for your account. 

Verify your Viably account with a copy of your Viably Bank Statement.

*Note if you have a brand new Viably account, the statement will not yet be available. In such cases you can provide a voided check from Viably. This can be done by clicking "Move Money" in the upper right-hand corner of Viably and selecting "Send a Physical Check" and completing the requested details. More on creating a check here. 

Create and send a voided check to verify your Viably account.

Verification Letter 
To get a copy of your verification letter, head to your profile card and you'll find your "Viably Account Details." From there, you can download or request an emailed copy of your account verification letter. We've got more details here!

Verify your Viably account by getting a Viably Verification Letter.

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