What are the ways I can control my Viably debit cards?

This article covers the basics of controlling and setting up your virtual Viably debit cards.

With your new Viably Business Account, you will instantly receive (and can issue!) a virtual Viably debit card. With Viably debit cards, you can find ways to grow your business and opportunities to track trends in your spend - so what are some of the ways you can easily control your Viably cards?

Let’s review the fundamentals of controlling and setting up your Viably debit cards:

Defining Spending Limits on your Viably Debit Cards

 When issuing a Viably debit card, you can define the daily purchase and withdrawal limits – putting you in control of your users’ spend. Setting these spending limits can help safeguard your money so members of your team don’t overspend.


Using the slider on the issue cards page, you can specify the daily purchase limit and the daily cash withdrawal for a card.

Customize daily spending limits for Viably debit cards.

Limits to be aware of:
The purchase limit ranges from $100 - $10,000, every 24 hours.

The cash withdrawal limit ranges from $100 - $500, every 24 hours.


From the Cards dashboard in Viably, you can see both the debit cards you've been issued. Clicking into a card from the card carousel, you can see the defined daily purchase and cash withdrawal limits.

Viably's card dashboard allows you to see all Viably debit card statuses and spending limits.


A Viably admin can easily alter daily spending and withdrawal limits, for those previously issued cards. Once a card has been selected from the card carousel, select the edit pencil above the spending limits, and it will prompt you to “Edit card.”

With a few clicks, adjust an existing Viably debit card's daily purchase and spending limits.

Nicknaming your Viably Debit Cards

Issuing multiple Viably debit cards can help you separate and manage ongoing expenses. For example, create different cards for your Amazon spend and warehouse or supplier costs (to help simplify reporting and potentially find places to save!).

Besides the last four digits of your card, how exactly can you quickly see which card is being used for specific business expenses? Give your Viably card a nickname!

A Viably card can be nicknamed when you’re first issuing the new debit card:

Provide a nickname for newly issued Viably debit cards.

Or nickname an existing Viably debit card!  From the card dashboard, click into the card you’d like to nickname. Select the edit pencil above the spending limits, and you can then provide or edit the card’s nickname.

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