What can I do in the Viably Growth Products tab?

Get an understanding of how you can use the Products tab in Viably Growth to see product seasonality or strategically plan product restocks.

To help sellers, like you, easily uncover trends in how your products are performing in your shop so you can forecast and proactively plan replenishments, head to Viably Growth!

In this article we’ll discuss what
-What you can see in the products tab on the Viably Growth Dashboard
-How can you define targets and set restock reminders

Eyes on Marketplace Products and Sales to Plan Ahead

With your connected marketplaces, Viably can automatically populate your inventory’s catalog. From your Growth Dashboard, you can easily see trends in your products’ performance, the seasonality of their sales, and more. 

View sales targets and product seasonality at a glance with Viably Growth.

Under the Products tab, you can find all your inventory by ASIN. This gives you the power to see a breakdown of the following details, per product you sell: 

  • Total Inventory Levels: Across all storage facilities and inventory that may be inbound
  • Average Weekly Sales: How many units of this product, you generally sell on a weekly basis. 
  • Days to Out of Stock: How many days remain until your selected inventory is out of stock. 
  • Days Until Next Reorder: number of days before you need to place your reorder based on lead times you’ve identified with that product’s supplier.
  • Sales Seasonality: Which season do you sell the most of this product? Visually see which products have seasonality and which deliver you consistent revenue.

With this level of control, you can drill down into each product specifically, track its performance and manage additional data points that impact your success. 

Defining Sales Targets and Planning Product Replenishments 

Now that you have an understanding of what each product can display on Viably, let’s talk about personalizing this information to help you simplify forecasting efforts. By defining a specific sales volume to each product line, you can begin to understand how your overarching inventory investment is selling.

Strategically plan ecommerce product restocks with Viably Growth.

To get reminders about when you’ll need to restock an item, click into the individual product. This will expand where you can edit the details that impact how and when you plan your time to reorder! You can then easily edit or add information surrounding the length of time it takes to produce or ship your product, your average weekly sales targets, and more. 

Plan how long a product replenishment may take in Viably Growth.
Your dashboard helps to keep you informed as to when you might need to replenish your inventory before it’s out of stock in your store. Eliminate the guesswork and never have your best sellers out of stock. Proactively make plans for inventory restocks with Viably Growth, so you can feel confident in how you’re scaling your ecommerce business.


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