What can I see and do with Viably Growth?

In this article, we’ll review the different capabilities you have access to in Viably Growth.

As a seller, we know it takes a lot of tools to help you run and track how your ecommerce business is scaling. Viably is the digital banking solution for ecommerce sellers that helps provide funding opportunities, and an all-in-one view to plan, manage, and forecast your ecommerce finances.

Viably Growth gives you a snapshot of your growth plans and cash flow.
Looking for ways to plan out a future financing opportunity? Or maybe you’re out of a funding cycle but are interested in outlining your plans for a new product launch! Or perhaps you’re wanting to see the impact of financing a future quarter’s inventory refresh. Viably Growth has you covered!

Here’s a brief overview of what you can see and do within Viably’s Growth:.

-Set sales goals and track your performance against your targets
-Create plans for new product launches or restocks
-Managing your cash flow
-View marketplaces’ products, sales, and plan before they stock out

Viably Growth Dashboard Overview

Sales Goals + Tracking 

On your Growth Dashboard, you can see your total sales for the month along with the upcoming payout. Next to it you can view your annual sales to date alongside a place to enter your targeted revenue for the year. This is your real-time progress bar on your journey from 5fig to 9fig…and beyond!

Define a sales target in Viably Growth for your ecommerce business.

Set goals for this year or your ecommerce exist in Viably.

Once you’ve connected your marketplace data to Viably, you can get a breakdown of your current performance and forecasted sales, helping to identify how incoming orders and payouts are impacting your growth, month-to-month or week-to-week. 

Plan Purchases for Your Ecommerce Store

Doing product research and ready to launch a new line? Or does one of your top selling products needs a hefty restock? Maybe you need a place to document your next investment alongside your other ecommerce finances!

Create new plans as you scale in Viably Growth.

Add the details about your Viably Growth plan for one or multiple products.

Easily build plans in the Growth Dashboard. Viably helps you drill down to all the nuances that come with these purchases including details such as:
  • Volume of units you plan to purchase
  • Cost AND shipment cost per unit
  • Production & shipping timelines
  • Breakdown of the total cost of the purchase

Your plan will then feed into your Planning and Cash Flow breakdown in your Dashboard, so you always know where your business stands and if you have the funds to cover future investments.

Manage Your Cash Flow

It shouldn’t be a challenge to understand how your products’ sales are impacting your ecommerce growth! From your connected marketplace and banking data, along with the planned purchases you’ve mapped, see real-time updates of your cash inflows and outflows. 

See the cash inflows and outflows for your ecommerce business in Viably Growth.

Uncover Product Performance 

Your connected marketplace helps to populate your catalog of products in your shop, so you can quickly get a download of how they’re performing or set sales goals for your offerings.

From the products tab in your Growth Dashboard:
  • discover trends in your products' sales and seasonality
  • map out sales targets per product line
  • automate reminders so you can initiate restock orders

See how your ecommerce shop products are performing in Viably Growth.

With a few clicks on Viably’s Growth Dashboard, you can get eyes on the state of your ecommerce business, helping you to scale or replenish funding when you need it. 


Viably offers funding and an all-in-one banking platform for eCommerce sellers, including:

- Business checking account and virtual cards

- Automation of your back-office tasks

- Sales planning tool to forecast cash flow needs

- Integrations with your other ecommerce tools

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