What do I need to get verified with Viably?

This article walks through what's required to complete Viably's Verification for funding.

Now that you've selected and accepted a funding offer from Viably, you're one step closer to unlocking those funds to use for your ecommerce business. 

Before you can receive your funds, you need to get verified with Viably! We simply need you to verify a few pieces of information about yourself and your business. Providing these details and getting verified is quick and easy, thanks to Vouched (our digital identity verification provider!). 

Let's review what you'll need to get verified with Viably: 

Personal Verification  

We want to make sure you are who you say you are! Here we ask that you provide a copy of your ID and take a selfie to digitally verify your identity. Have your ID at the ready to make this part a breeze!
💡You must be 21 or older to qualify for funding with Viably.

Business Verification

Now to verify the details about your business - we try to keep this part pretty easy too! We'll ask you about where your business is located, the name of the business, etc.
💡You must be a U.S. based business (with a SSN and EIN) to qualify for funding with Viably

Financial Verification 

To ensure we're customizing a funding offer that is closely aligned to your business' cash flow, we ask that you securely connect your business bank account to Viably. With the help of Plaid (trusted by other financial institutions and platforms, like Venmo), you can link your bank account to Viably in a few clicks. This will give Viably a read-only view into your Amazon store's financial performance.  

*NOTE: if your bank isn't available to connect to on Plaid, you can upload a PDF of your bank statements!

Manually upload a PDF of your bank statements to Viably.

No fluff - it really that easy! We know we're asking to share a lot of sensitive data with us, that's why we only ask you for the pieces of information that are absolutely necessary for funding. 

Once you're verified with Viably, you'll receive a brand new Viably Business Account (learn more about your account here)! Viably will then deposit your funds within 24 hours so you can hit the ground running. 


Viably is an all-in-one banking platform for ecommerce sellers and includes:

- Business checking account and virtual debit cards

- Automation of your back-office tasks

- Sales planning tool to forecast cash flow needs

- Integrations with your other ecommerce tools

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