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What is Viably cash back and how can I get enrolled?

This article reviews Viably's cash back program.

We know there are a lot of expenses that come with your ecommerce business. Wouldn’t it be great to earn money back on your Viably cards as you spend?

Viably is excited to introduce our cash back program on eligible purchases! If you have a business account with Viably and are using your Viably debit cards, you can get up to 2% back on your monthly purchases. No point system, no roll-overs - just cash back on purchases from your Viably cards.

Let’s review:
-The terms of Viably cash back
-What transactions are eligible for cash back
-Where you can track your cash back
-When you can expect to receive your cash back 

What are the terms of Viably's cash back program? 

As you make eligible purchases on your Viably cards, a percentage of those purchases (up to 2% monthly) is deposited into your Viably Business Account. Cash back is deposited into your Viably Business Account on a monthly basis. 

What transactions are eligible for Viably cash back? 

Viably cash back ONLY includes purchases you made using your virtual or physical Viably debit cards, ACH transfers are not eligible for Viably cash back.

Eligible transactions include: 

Type of Transaction Percentage of Cash Back 
General card transactions 1%
Ad spend with Google and Facebook 2%

Where can I track how much cash back I'll receive? 

There are a few places you can keep tabs on how much cash back you’ll receive!

Your Viably Cash Dashboard will give you a preview of your total cash back:

View Viably cash back at the top of your cash dashboard.
From your Cards Dashboard, see how much cash back you’ve earned! This will show your combined total cash back and when you'll receive your cash back: 

From your Viably card dashboard, see the combined total of your cash back.
You can also see how much each card is contributing to your total cash back:

See how much cash back you've earned on your Viably cards.

When can I expect to receive my cash back from Viably? 

Your cash back will be deposited directly into your Viably Business Account, on the 5th of each month! Once deposited, you will see the transaction from your Cash Dashboard and it will be categorized as “Viably Cash Back." 

Viably is an all-in-one banking platform for ecommerce sellers and includes:

- Business checking account and virtual debit cards

- Automation of your back-office tasks

- Sales planning tool to forecast cash flow needs

- Integrations with your other ecommerce tools


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