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Where can I find the details about my Viably Business Account?

This article reviews where and how you can get the details about your Viably Business Account.

Have you been asked to provide a copy of your Account and Routing Number for your Business Account? Are you in a position where you’ve been asked to supply a Business Verification Letter? Don’t worry - Viably’s got you covered!

In this article we’ll discuss where and how you can get a copy of your account details, in the form of a Business Verification Letter. 

Where can I get a copy of my Viably Business Account details?

We get it! When you’re working with a new supplier or are asked to complete an ACH transfer, you need to provide your Business Account details. But where exactly are your Viably account numbers stored? There are several places across Viably’s app where you can find information surrounding your Viably Account and Routing numbers.
  1. On your Viably Cash dashboard, you’ll see your Viably account from your connected account’s carousel. On your Viably Business Account, click the 3 ellipses and you’ll presented with the option to “View Account Details.”
     View Viably Account details from the Viably Cash dashboard.
    Once clicked, you’ll then be shown your Account and Routing number for your Viably Business Account.

    View Viably Account and Routing numbers.

  2. The other area in Viably you can find this information is in your Account Settings. Clicking on your profile card in the upper right-hand corner of Viably (no matter what dashboard you’re on) you’ll be presented with the following menu:

    View Viably Account settings to get Account information.

    Select “Viably Account Details.”

    Click Viably Account details to view your Business Account info.

    From here you can download a copy of your Viably account’s information or send an email copy of a Business Verification Letter.

Download a verification letter for your Viably Business Account.

Easily access your Viably Business Account details, when you need so you can keep your business growing!

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