How can I change my payout account from Marcus by Goldman Sachs to Viably?

This article covers how you can change your Amazon payout method from Marcus to Viably.

You've secured funding with Viably and you're ready to grow! One of the first steps you'll need to take, per your Viably Funding Agreement, is changing your payout account to your new Viably Business Account.

If you currently have a Marcus by Goldman Sachs account linked to your Amazon store, you can easily switch your payout account to Viably in just a few steps: 

  1. Call Marcus by Goldman Sachs' Business Lending line (1-833-906-2224) - also found here!

    Explain your reason for calling is to unlock and update your bank account on Amazon.
    *Should you need additional help or support, note that you can always reach out to Viably in advance and a member of our team would be happy to join. 

  2. While on the line, your Marcus representative will read a disclaimer and initiate the process of unlocking your bank account. Once verbally agreed upon, you will receive an email from Marcus detailing this change (it should read something to the effect of “You’ve requested to update your bank account”). It is important that you stay on the line with your Marcus representative until you receive and can confirm receipt of this email: this indicates the process has successfully been initiated.

    ⚠️If for whatever reason you do NOT receive the email, the representative on the line can help escalate your case appropriately on Marcus’ end.

  3. Once you’ve received that email, you will be prompted to sign in to Marcus and update your bank account. Here you will find an area to input all your Viably Business Account details including: Account Holder information, Routing Number, and Account Number.

    At this point your Viably Business Account must be verified by Marcus. Marcus may ask you to supply documentation to verify your Viably Business Account. If this is needed you can provide a Verification letter or a voided Viably check.
    *It may then take up to one business day for Marcus to approve and verify your bank.

  4. After your Viably account has successfully been verified in Marcus, you will then need to set up Viably as your AutoPay. In your Marcus account, navigate to your GM Rewards and select “Set Up AutoPay.” You can then add Viably as the account for the AutoPay.

  5. You’re nearly there! Once you have completed the verification and AutoPay authorization in Marcus you can now easily change your deposit method in Amazon. 

    From your conversation with Marcus, they will unlock your account for three days on Amazon. This will enable you to change your deposit method on Amazon to Viably. If you need help updating your payout method, we’ve got that covered in this knowledge article.

    *Similarly to Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Amazon will request you provide documentation to verify the bank account where you'll be directing your payouts. You can easily provide a Viably Verification Letter as proof. 

  6. After you've successfully changed your payout account to Viably, you're set! 🙌

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