How can I filter and pull insights from my recent transactions?

This article reviews how you can unlock greater visibility from the transactions table in your Viably Cash dashboard.

Viably’s Cash dashboard helps you unpack how cash is moving in and out of your store, helping identify opportunities to save and grow your business! Beyond that, the cash dashboard can be a powerful tool, as you can easily download your transactions, adjust your categories, attach receipts for expense management, and share with your bookkeeper for tax and auditing purposes.

In this article we’ll review a few different ways you can interact with the “Recent Transactions” view of your Viably Cash dashboard, including:

-How you can use the different filter capabilities
-How to review the details of a single transaction
-How to edit a transaction’s category
-How you can attach receipts that align with your expense management policy

Filtering your transactions in Viably

In your Viably Cash dashboard, you can easily filter the transactions within your ecommerce business so you can better understand trends in your spend and see how your cash is working for you. Looking for a specific date range of transactions? Or maybe you want to only review transactions from your Viably Business account - use your filters!

Use the filters in the Viably Cash dashboard to see greater insights about transactions.

You can filter your transactions on:
-Your connected accounts (includes both your Viably Business account along with any Plaid-connected bank and credit accounts)
-The transaction type / method (i.e. ACH, Card, Bill Payment, etc.)
-The transaction category (i.e. Advertising, Credit Card, Software, etc.)
-If the transaction was a deposit (inflow) or withdrawal (outflow), or a combination
-The date range you’d like to view (last 60 days, last 90 days, or a custom date range)

View filtered transactions in your Viably Cash dashboard, in just a few clicks.

With just a few clicks you can filter and even export a view that highlights transactions from the past 60 days in your Viably Business account, within a specific category. You can even download your view in QuickBooks format! Learn how to connect your Viably account to QuickBooks accounting, here.

Download transactions in Viably in Quickbooks format.
Now you can put an end to creating a custom spreadsheet of your bank statements, and easily share your transaction history from Viably with your bookkeeper.  

Details on a specific transaction

Get a fast download on any transaction from any of your accounts! When you click on an individual transaction, a side-bar will open, giving you greater details about the transaction in question. 

Get a detailed view of individual transactions in the Viably Cash dashboard.

You can quickly:  
-See how much the transaction was and when it was made
-View what accounts the money moved between 
-Get the description of the transaction
-Click "Actions" (upper right-hand corner) and you can opt to exclude the category from KPI calculations
-Add personal notes to the transaction
-Attach a receipt to a Viably Business account transaction 

Changing the category of a transaction

Organizing and keeping tabs on the categories of your transactions, can simplify your life come tax time. With the appropriate categories, you have the opportunity to claim small business expenses. This has the potential to help reduce taxes and give you greater insights into your cash flow, so you can see where your money is going.

Between your Viably Business account and Plaid-connected accounts, you can easily make it a habit to check and edit the categories on your expenses from your Viably Cash dashboard.

Easily change the category of a transaction from your Viably Cash dashboard.

Changing your categories in Viably is easy! When you hover over your recent transactions, the color of the category will change to purple and an edit pencil will appear.

Change the category of a transaction from your Viably Cash dashboard.

When you click the edit pencil, a list of categories will automatically appear - you can scroll or search the categories to make the adjustment as you require. 

Attaching a receipt to a transaction 

If you're reviewing a transaction specific to your Viably Business account, you'll also have the option to seamlessly attach a receipt.

Attach a receipt to a expenses from your Viably account directly from a transaction.

If you've already attached a receipt to one of your expenses from your Viably Business account the transaction will have a purple paperclip next to it. You can also use the filter capabilities to drill down to any transactions that have receipts attached, to review these expenses further. 

 In the Viably Cash dashboard review expenses with that have receipts attached.

This can help keep you compliant with your business' expense management policy, as was defined in your Viably setup. Want to learn more about automating your expense management with Viably? Take a look at this article!

You have so much power at your fingertips from Viably’s Cash dashboard. Connecting your accounts in one place helps you stay on top of how money is moving in and out of your ecommerce business. Find opportunities to optimize your cash flow or save money, so you can continue to grow! 

Get the capital to reach your ecommerce goals and growth - get funded, today!