How do I issue a Viably Debit Card?

The following article outlines how you can issue and manage Viably debit cards.

Manage your ecommerce spend and grow your business using your Viably debit cards! Viably permits each user to be issued one (1) physical debit card and up to five (5) virtual virtual debit cards. When using your Viably debit cards, you can also put money back in your pocket with Viably cash back.

Issue a Debit Card

If you are the Viably account owner, once you have been approved for a Viably Business Account you will automatically be issued one physical card and one virtual debit card (which can immediately be activated!).

Need to issue more cards? There are a few places in Viably you can do this. 

Cards dashboard

Click ‘Issue New Card’ at the top of your Cards dashboard. From here you select who will own the card, type of card, along with defining their spending and withdrawal limits. You'll also have the opportunity to nickname your card - a great way to easily identify and separate purchases between your cards!

Enter the details about the new Viably debit cardholder and their spending limits


Teams Dashboard

When you are adding users to your account or if you are updating a user’s profile, there is also the option to seamlessly issue them cards!

For a new user: begin the process of inviting and adding their details to Viably by selecting “Invite Member '' from the Teams dashboard.

While adding their profile to Viably, the option to ‘Issue a Card’ can be found at the bottom. Once checked you will see the card issuance page to select the card type, and manage the daily spending and withdrawal limits.

A Viably debit card can be issued when creating a new user in Viably.

When these new users are added, they will be prompted to go through Viably's user onboarding process to verify their identity.

❗Note: during user onboarding they will be asked to provide their residential address and zip code. It is this zip code that will be tied to the user's Viably debit card. This is important as if you are asked to supply a zip for any online payments with your Viably card, use the residential zip provided during the user validation process!

For an existing user: click into the team member's profile. From there you can navigate to their cards.

Existing Viably users can easily be issued new Viably debit cards from their profile card.

On this page, you'll find the option to Issue New Card. Selecting this you will be guided through the card issuance process to select the card type, and define the daily spending and withdrawal limits for this user.

Managing Your Viably Debit Cards

Once you've issued a Viably debit card, for yourself or for users in your business, there are a few items to help you manage how they're used and identified.

Review the activation status and see the total spend

Always have an eye on your spend across all the Viably debit cards you've issued within your business. See all cards at-a-glance from the top of your Viably Cards dashboard.

See Viably debit card activation status and spend totals from the Viably cards dashboard.


Nickname Viably debit cards to separate ongoing expenses

Easily manage your Viably debit cards and spending limits for various use cases.

Perhaps you have one Viably debit card dedicated to recurring monthly subscriptions or maybe you've separated your advertising expenses between Google and Facebook with separate cards. Nickname your Viably cards to identify how your cards are being used at a glance.

From your Cards dashboard select  'Edit Card.' Then click the pencil next to the name 'Virtual Card' and nickname your card as you see fit!

Easily nickname your virtual Viably debit cards from the Viably card dashboard.

You can also nickname a card during the debit card issuance process:

Seamlessly nickname your Viably debit cards during the issuance process.


Securely control card statuses

Control the status of your Viably debit cards in just a few clicks. When you need, move an active card into a suspended, locked, or cancelled state. To update the status of your card, click the edit pencil from the Cards dashboard and select the appropriate status. 

In a few clicks suspend or lock Viably debit cards, to keep your Viably cards and account secure.

*Note: ONLY Viably admins can suspend or reactivate Viably debit cards across the business. Cardholders (those who are not admins) can only lock or unlock their individually issued Viably debit cards.

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