How do I reconnect my bank account to Viably?

This article reviews how you can easily reconnect your bank account(s) to Viably.

Have you changed your external account's password or perhaps disconnected your bank account(s) from Viably by mistake? Not a problem!

Let’s talk through the steps to link your bank account to Viably, so you can see insights about your cash flow and ecommerce spend in Viably AND so you can get access to more funding opportunities! 

Reconnecting your Bank Account to Viably 

  1. From Viably’s Cash Dashboard, you can see all your connected bank accounts. For the account that’s been disconnected, you’ll find an icon notifying you of its disconnection.

    Notice of your authorized bank account being disconnected from Viably.
  2. Click “Reconnect” from the icon.

  3. This will then open up the Plaid wizard (a similar experience as when you initially connected your bank accounts!), to securely reconnect your account.

    Securely reconnect your bank account to Viably with Plaid.
  4. When you click to proceed, this will automatically link you to the bank institution you’re reconnecting with. From here, enter in your bank account’s username and password and select the account you’d like to reconnect to Viably.

  5. You’re set! Once completed you will have finished the reconnection process and this will appear as an actively connected account in your Cash dashboard.
     View connected bank accounts from your Viably Cash Dashboard.

    This connection will enable you to request additional funding and view insights in Viably Growth regarding your business’ cash flow and more. 


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