What can I use my Viably debit card for?

This article highlights how and where you can use your Viably debit card(s).

Now that you have set up your Viably virtual debit cards and you understand how you can manage your expenses with a Viably debit card, it’s important to know what your debit card can be used for. In this article, we’ll review what your Viably virtual debit cards can and cannot do. 

Where can you use your Viably debit card?

Once issued, you can immediately begin using your Viably virtual debit card to pay for business expenses with money in your account!

You can use your Viably debit cards anywhere from an online service that you subscribe to for your business, to a retail store where you’re purchasing office supplies, or a restaurant where you’re taking a business lunch. On all purchases with your Viably debit card you’ll earn 2% cash back on your own money

Your card will have the Mastercard logo on it, and be accepted by any business or merchant that accepts Mastercard, but it’s important to note that your Viably debit card is not a credit card

What’s the difference between a Viably debit card and a credit card? 

In order to make a purchase you must have sufficient funds in your account. Without sufficient funds in your account, you’ll be unable to make the purchase or transaction. If necessary, simply login to Viably to check your account’s balance and review the spending limits for your account. You may adjust this accordingly as the admin on the account.

💡Keep in mind: as you are completing transactions, when you're asked to provide a zip code, be sure to enter the zip code you entered during Viably's verification process.

While Viably debit cards are backed by MasterCard, they cannot provide you with a line of credit and do not have overdraft capabilities. This is one of the ways that Viably helps you prevent overspending and unnecessary fees that can hurt your cash flow. 

How can you limit your spending with your Viably debit card? 

No matter where or how you use your Viably virtual debit cards, your transactions will be instantly tracked and can be easily reviewed within your Viably Cards dashboard. This feature is designed to help you visualize how and where you’re spending money so that you can identify weak points in your cash flow and manage your expenses accordingly. 

Manage expenses easily with Viably virtual debit cards by issuing unique cards for expense categories with personalized limits. This helps you control spending on various aspects of your business and avoid unknowingly going over budget in a certain area. 

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